Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October: Banned book week and Leaving Summer behind.

Happy October!
 I am almost done with my summer reading. I have two summer books to read. I know in my blog before this one i said one book but the other i have been waiting to read. The first is Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowite and the second is Second Chance Summer by Morgan Mastson. I can't wait to read second chance summer because i just re-read her first book Amy & Roger's Epic Detour and i love that book and her writing style.

On to what i plan on reading in October for my super scary/ mystery.
 -The Splendor Falls , by Rosemary Clement-Moore
 - Bliss , by Lauren Myracle
 -Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone , by Kat Rosenfield
 -The Liar Society , by Lisa Roecker
    I love me some banned books.

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