Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sexy Ink

March Theme is INK.
I have a thing for tattoos, guys with tattoos are sexy and a little more bad-ass then normal UN-inked guys. I pick this as the theme for this month because I got my first tattoo in March for my 16th birthday 10 years ago with my best friend. So in honor of my first tattoo and guys with sexy INK, I will be reading books with INK in them. 

I will be reading Ranae Rose’s Inked in the Steel City Series:

  • Hot Ink
  • Innocent Ink 
  •  Dedicated Ink
  • Abiding Ink
  •  Serious Ink
  • Irresistible Ink (not out yet, but I will add it to my listed)

I maybe reading something else as well because Ranae Rose’s books are pretty short.

Rockstars with hot Ink? 

Olivia Cunning’s Sinners on Tour

  • Backstage Pass
  • Rock Hard 
  •  Hot Ticket
  •  Wicked Beat
  •  Double Time

So look out for the review of March’s theme and Rockstars maybe add as well.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brother Series: The Kelly Brothers

Brother Series: The Kelly Brothers Series by Crista McHugh

The Kelly Brothers have lucked out, they are a group of hot, sexy, well off guys, with some of the best careers. Not only do we have a powerful businessman CEO (Adam), a NHL Goalie (Ben) and an Air Force Pilot (Caleb) in the first three books that are out, but we have a surgeon (Dan), Rockstar (Ethan), NFL Player (Frank) and lastly Movie Star (Gideon). That’s an impressive group of brothers. If I could get my hands on one of them I would. I love that each book is written about one of the brothers, but also has sneak peeks of the others brothers in it, I love how both Caleb and Ben called the other brother Adam for help, as well as they called the younger one as well. I love the mom, she knows what’s best even if they don’t see it at the time. Only three books are out (well two and one coming out soon) and I love this series. 

The Sweetest Seduction: Adam and Lia: Lia has worked hard to become one of the hottest restaurants in Chicago. Adam has tried to talk a famous chef to open a restaurant in Chicago for years, finally he has talked him into it. Adam only has to close out the lease of another restaurant that was coming up for renew. Adam meets Lia at his mother’s dinner party and sparks fly, but more the next day when in walks in to close the restaurant she’s worked so hard for. Can they make things work between them, when he is the one person who could kill her dream or let it fly?
Adam and Lia are two people who both work too much and have little time for anything other than work.  I like this book but it took me a chapter or two to really enjoy it. It the right mix of high tension sexy romance and troubling stress the takes Adam and Lia relationship in all kinds of directions.  Who wouldn’t love a story with two meddling mothers and a larger dog who likes to lick your face? Real believable story you could read in just a few hours.  
This is a perfect start for this series and fans of Bella Andres Series would love this series just as much. If you’re looking for a light start to what’s going to be a great series, check this out. 4 out of 5 stars.  

Breakaway Hearts: Ben and Hailey: Ben retreats to his mountain cabin after a season ending knee injury, making him really over-thinking what the future will hold for him and his NHL Career. What he did expect to do in his hiding is run into the one that got away. The girl he can’t stop thinking about for the last night years. Hailey has one goal and that’s make the Olympic team, but it been years because after an accidental pregnancy her goal what put on hold until now after the life shattering death of her son. Nothing is going to get in her way, but then Ben comes walking in sweeping her off her feet, he is going to stop at nothing to win and keep her this time. There is one thing that Ben doesn’t know and Hailey need to tell him. Will what Hailey have to tell him shatter the thin ice they are building a relationship on?
Ben and Hailey story isn’t as light as Adam and Lia, It was heartbreaking at points and funny at others. I loved this from the moment I start reading it. I found Ben very down to earth, loving, patient, caring and makes sexy time super sexy. What more could you asks for, oh Hockey player on top of that just the cherry. Hailey is very guarded and she has every right to be after what happen, but some walls are meant to come down. I loved that he kept the note and showed her, showing her that her meant something. 

“I don’t Mind waiting for you Hailey- your worth waiting for” –Ben 

The writing was great and flowed well and love a good second chance romance. The second Kelly Brother is just as amazing as the first. If you read the first one keep read with this one. 4 out of 5 stars.

Falling for the Wingman: Caleb and Alex: Caleb has one thing on his mind when he comes home from his mission, that’s to propose to the women whose letters and lucky charm helped him survive the time in Afghanistan. Coming home he finds the apartment empty with a note saying she left him. Not taking a note as a break up he drives to her mother’s house only to find the she’s getting marry to someone else in one week. Still out to win her back, in comes her younger sister to “Help him”. Alex has always found Caleb too good for her sister, so when she found out that he sister left him, Alex starts writing letters to Caleb to keep his sprites up until he gets home. Alex didn’t expect to fall in love with him over letters, but she did. Now she offers to help him win her sister back much too Alex's despair. What will happen if something that starts a fake becomes something so much more then Fake. 

I think so far this one this my favorite Kelly brother book. I love Caleb and Alex, they are both relatable, loving and caring of each other as well as others. I love how Alex isn’t a girly girl, but a tom boy who loves cars and drinking beer, a women after my own heart. Caleb finds everything about Alex great, to the point he questions what he saw in her sister. The writing and story was amazing as well as the other characters in this story. I found the little twist at the end really put the story over the top. I can’t wait to read the next Kelly Brother book. 5 out of 5 stars.

The next books in this series will be just as amazing as the first thee. Falling for the Wingman comes out March 3rd 2014. The Heart’s Game comes out July 7th 2014 so watch out for that as well. 

Crista McHugh write has written books in Fantasy, Paranormal romance, Contemporary Romance and Historical romances. Make sure you check out other books by her.

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This is the end of February Brother Series book month. If you haven’t read the other reviews in this month’s theme. Please check them out, all the books this month were amazing. 

Next months  theme is in the works, if you have an idea, please leave a comment. 

Netgalley and the Author gave me review copies: Big Thanks to them. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Brother Series: Crossroads Quartet

Brother Series: Crossroads Quartet by Melanie Shawn

 Melanie Shawn (writing team of sisters) knows how to write males that you can’t help fall in love with, each Sloan Brother is swoon worthy. I was swooning with each book, for each brother, who are as much alike as they are different. So I am sure that one or more of the brothers are you type and the girls of the books are just as relatable, making you want to be friends with each other them as well. There are five brothers all together, but the youngest brother Bobby, is taken which leads use into the first book, which is the background of My First, Jason and Katie’s story.

My First- Jason and Katie: Jason Sloan is the Romeo of Harper’s Crossing with his charm and sexy half smile that makes any women melt, but the one women he wants to melt for him.  Katie Lawson Left Harper’s Crossing in the dead of night, after a tragic accident kills her boyfriend and Jason best friend. She left behind the memories of Nick but she also left behind Jason who was her life-long best friend.  Now years later she is on the fast track to make partner at a law firm, with the goal in life to keep herself so busy to think about anything other than work. That rule work for a long time until she goes home to be the Maid of Honor in Nick’s Little sister’s wedding. Will she faces the truth of what or who she is running from? What will be waiting for her when she goes home? 

I love Jason and Katie, they have been in love with each other for a long time, things happen and they never got a real chance at being together. Now that Katie is back, Jason will stop at nothing to win her over.  I love how that we get to see flashbacks of her and Jason growing up and just how much Jason loved her and her him. I like how that it’s not all hearts and flowers, Katie has to deal with a big dose of reality from her past that leaves her with a bitter taste in her mouth, which made me like really like Melanie Shawn for writing a somewhat heartbreaking story. Jason is a real man and is not afraid to show that he loves her, He was willing to buy tampons. As much as the story was sad in parts it was so funny in others, Jason and Katie’s banter, will keep you laughing. Other than Jason and Katie all the Characters are great bring the story to the next level. Grandpa J for sure, he is a loveable old man, who helps out with his wise words of wisdom. The writing was great, quick easy and sweet. If you’re looking for something sweet, relatable and somewhat sad really read this.

My Last- Riley and Chelle: After 12 years in the Marines Special Forces Riley is ready to start his
civilian life. After a phone call, his is sent on a mission to check on the one girl that is so off limits the limits have limits, but it’s also the girl that has always has him question the limits, His best friends little sister. This could be the riskiest mission ever, the one girl he shouldn’t want it the only one he does. Chelle is the kindest, honest, person you know. She is dumbfounded when her fiancĂ© dumps her for his pregnant 18 year old secretary. To regroup she heads out of town, leaving very worried friend and family, who send a search party. She always dose the right thing, but may the wrong thing is so much better.

I don’t even were to start, we meet Chelle in Katie and Jason story, as Katie’s Best friend. She is funny, smart and so caring. So finding out he fiancĂ© was cheating on her was a blow to her heart as well as her wanting to do the right thing, then she wakes up to Riley. Chelle and Riley are so sweet together and I can’t get enough of them together. Riley has this ease about him that really draws you in and makes you want to know more about him. I love when an author talks about eyes in detail in books, I don’t feel that I read it enough, plus I am a hair and eye girl.  The writing is just as great as the first one and I couldn’t stop reading it.  This one is just as sweet and funny, with a little twist at the end. If you loved the first one, you need to read this as well.

My Only- Alex and Jamie: Alex, Harper’s Crossing most eligible bachelor, sexy, prayerful and to places the cherry on top a Firefighter. After a job injury land him in the hospital, he is assigned a nurse or guard to make sure he recovers without the many female admirers. Jamie learned that all you can do is depend on yourself. To keep her life on track she works two jobs and has no time for Men.  Can Jamie the nurse assigned to guard Alex, resist the irresistible or can Alex work his plan to be with Jamie?

Alex thinks love is something of fairy tales, until an injury leaves me at the hand of Jamie his nurse and guard. I love the flow of this book, and the timeline in all the books. Jamie is a simple girl with too much on her plate to care about what she looks like, but still manages to look amazing. Alex has a great humor about him and likes to joke around which is great, but he also has a kind gentle side with Jamie. I think that I love Alex and Jamie’s story the best out of all four. (If you haven’t read this one yet, I may have to throw a pill at you. Inside joke from Alex and Jamie)

My Everything- Seth and Amber: Strong and Skilled Seth Sloan a decorated war hero who is forced to accept a medical discharge. Heading home to reconnect with his family and a world that he doesn’t recognize. At the welcome home party, he sees the one person he never expected to see again and the person the holds all the answers to questions he wants answers too. Amber has everything she thinks she needs, owning her own clothing boutique, great friends and a full social calendar.  Her life is turned upside down when a random act of vandalism happens and a man from her past walking right 
the front down. Can one night of passion but the beginning of everything.
The Last of the brother, Set his finally home much to his surprise that girl the left him hanging years ago is in the middle of his brother house at his welcome home party.  Seth is a man of few word, which I like that she wrote him like that, not overly talkative, but when he spoke it was important.  I love that Melanie wrote him in a way that you know that he cares about his brothers, family and Amber without him having to say it. Amber maybe my favorite girl out of all four books, she is head strong and can take care of herself. She also has a hard time having others help her.  This book is has some twists in it and some drama. If you have read all the others you need to read this one, it wraps everything up, plus just like the other three books before, we get to see all of the amazing character.

Crossroads Quartet is one of the best series I have read in a long time, if you are looking to swoon over some brothers that are stand up guys that aren’t afraid to show anyone just how much they love their women, pick them up. I can’t wait to have time to pick them up again and read them.  

I gave all the books 5 out of 5 stars. 

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