Monday, October 27, 2014

Lost in the mind of a writer!


With November only 4 days away my mind had been on NaNoWriMo all this month. So starting in December look out for reviews and other great things to come that month. I know that I have been Missing in Action, but after my dads really back accident i went back to work full time. With that i had to put a lot of my blog work on hold. Now that he is doing better i can go back to part time and with that my blog can move back to the front of the line.

Facebook: If you read my blog and haven't liked my Facebook page, you should. I am over 1000 likes and move up in the world of Facebook. A giveaway is coming. so please like and check it out!

Twitter: Thinking about starting one, so everyone will know what i am read/review and how good it is, as i am reading it. Let me know if that is something you would like.

Thanks and Keep Reading.


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