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Ink: Inked in the Steel City by Ranae Rose

Inked in the Steel City by Ranae Rose

I love tattoos.
I love men with tattoos.
I love reading.
So I Really love read about men with tattoos.

Needless to say this series was right up my alley and it didn’t disappoint. I read the first five books back to back as my weekend marathon. They are short most if not all under 170 pages with makes them perfect for short trips or at the beach reads, with summer coming soon ( I live in Ohio, so summer for me). 

Inked in Steel City series is set around a group of people who work or own Hot Ink Tattoo Studio. 

Hot Ink: Eric and Mina 1st:  Mina never meant to become a model or fall for the tattoo artist who did her tattoo, but crazier things have happen. Mina is asked to pose for a photo shoot of Eric’s tattoo, so when they end up posing together sparks fly with on kiss the leaves them both wanting more. Mina isn’t the glamour girl you see in the posters, she is really just a 24 year old trying to take care of her disabled younger sister. Will Eric still want more, when he finds out the she has another person to take care or will he be fine the she is a package deal with her sister. 

I loved Mina, she is a strong and caring person, who will do anything for her sister, like pose in the photo shoot that she really didn’t want to do, but she need the money. I love that Eric was a stand-up guy, who was there to help out Mina in her time of need. I am not a big fan of instant love, but this story works for me. I writing and style are great, pulls you in and keeps you wanting more. I characters are relatable and seem real enough to start to care about. The only down fall this I wanted more. 

I love also that we meet some of the characters in Hot Ink the get their out book.

Innocent Ink: Karen and Jed 2nd: Karen who took the Photos for the Hot Ink Poster meets Hot Inks Sexy Owner Jed, the attractions between them is electric. Karen is everything Jed would want in a women curvy, hot and passionate, but he’s not sure that acting on the attractions is worth the risk, having loss a love before. Jed think that Karen maybe to young and too full of life to be burdened with someone like him with too many scars. Karen faces a loss of her own, bring them closer together, lighting the fire but will it be put out before it can burn?

Karen and Jed story is a sad one, but a happy one as well, both of them have to face loss and will themselves to move on, making the story so much more. Jed makes this book for me, he is caring, strong and willing to give up something he loves just to let them grow as a person. I loved Karen as Mina best friend, but like her even more in her own story. The writing is amazing, emotionally and down right off the charts. I just wanted more like the first one. 

Dedicated Ink: Abby and Sam 3rd: Abby a the only female tattoo artist at Hot Ink had a hot, sexy one night stand to months ago, but now she is pregnant, and the man who showed her just what she was missing that night is nowhere in sight. Until he walks into hot Ink as her next appointment. Can she risk the rekindling with him with her being pregnant? Sam is a police officer sworn to serve and protect and won’t back down from his responsibility. Abby has haunted his dreams all summer, not that he has her again even with her pregnant he’s not going to let her get away again. Can the make it with their chemistry? Will real love find them before the due date arrives and is there something in the shadows working against them? 

I love Abby and Sam, they are my favorite characters out of all the books in this series.  I found Abby refreshing and unlike any character I have read, she takes the pregnant on pretty calmly and I glad that she was the one to tell Sam about her being pregnant. Sam was just as amazing, he had a hard time when it comes to women and with Abby they seem to fit together. The have up and downs but always work it out. I loved the story and the twists kept me guessing. As it is becoming a theme I wanted more, it needed to be longer (not really needed but wanted.)

Abiding Ink: Tyler and Mallory 4th: Tyler looks like the bad boy, but he is more than meets the eye. Helping out his sister during the holiday season he volunteers at the hospital. He runs into Mallory a nurse who is the hottest girl he has ever seen. Mallory invites Tyler to her work party, which seems innocents, but falling for him fast isn’t. Can they start a new romance that will survive the chill of snow and the stress of the holidays? 

I like this story it’s not my favorite out of this series but it’s cute and sweet. I really like Tyler and found him really sexy. I liked Mallory but she just didn’t draw me in like the other girls, but maybe that’s because she wasn’t as exciting as what I would have wanted for Tyler. It was a cute, at times funny read. 

Serious Ink: Zoe and Noah 5th: Zoe the long time receptionist at Hot Ink has to take a second job to make ends meet. Zoe is shocked when a sexy suited man walks into Hot Ink, with some really hot Ink under the suit, but the attraction between them is fierce. Noah taking no chance at letting Zoe go, he asked her out and then offers her a job. Can the make things work if his her boss and the passion between them pouring over everything? 

I really liked Zoe and Noah, they had more trouble than some of the other couples in this series. Zoe having money and family problems is very real and can pull anyone in. I love how Noah tried to help but seemed to be messing up, but he did it because he cared. Everything was spot on and I could asked for more, even if I wanted it to be longer.

Irresistible Ink: James and Arianna 6th:  Not out yet but can’t wait to read it: James is half way in love with Arianna by the time his is done with the months of sessions for her tattoo. Finally asking her out, things seem great until her takes her home and finds a baby on his door step. Arianna holds secrets from her past but her attractions to James let her go on the one date, knowing she has to end it after that, but finding a baby on his door step stops her. She can’t turn her back on him now he needs help.  Can she be part of his life and fight off her growing feelings for him with him getting harder to resist by the minute?

Over all I love everyone one of the books in this series. Can’t wait for the last book and find out what happens between James and Arianna. 

Ranae Rose is the bestselling author of more than 20 adult romances and many more. She lives on the east coast with her husband, children and love dog. She as has over flowing bookshelves to go with her passion for reading and writing. 

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