Monday, June 9, 2014

A Risk Worth Taking By Heather Hildenbrand


I really liked this book, it’s a sweet and wonderful read.

Summer moved back to her hometown, to help her parents’ divorce, but their split broke summer. She’s not sure how real love is if the happiest couple she knew could break up out of the blue. So she goes back to find herself and some faces that are familiar, loving even. She sees Ford and the attraction is immediate (for both). 

Ford is a happy go lucky guy, who follows his dreams. He is focused not to repeat his father mistakes and settle down before he achieves them. He wants a life without “what’s if’s”

Both of them, while knowing each other will learn a lot about themselves and how life can be unpredictable and is the risk worth taking?

I really liked this book, it’s a fresh take on something that could get over drama filled, which sometimes turns me off. It was light and fun but real. It brings a great mix of emotion but somehow keeps it from being too much. The main characters are both so likeable, down to earth and deal with life like a real person. I love them together because it brings more to the book, a sizzle. I love the underlining subplot of risking for love, because it can be scary and you could end up with a broken heart. I really enjoyed the quotes at the beginning of each chapter (but I am a lover of quotes).
A Risk Worth Taking is a beautifully written New Adult Novel that is freshly filled with a story of risking everything for love. It’s light on the drama that so many New Adult Novels are filled with, I love that is reminds us that some romance is better being real. I love that is was more realistic.  4 out of 5 Stars.



  1. Great review, Jessica! It's great to find a book that is not too drama-filled without being boring. Finding that one book that gives such joy makes filtering through cookie-cutter New Adult Novels a little less disappointing.