Friday, October 11, 2013

Crashing Into You by B.D.Rowe

 I got to read this book early thanks to NetGalley.  I loved the cover and the over all description of the book but that is all it has going for it.

Crashing into You by B.D. Rowe

This book was really hard to finish. I found myself rolling my eyes every five minutes. The main characters in this book are fake, shallow and uninteresting as well as the secondarily characters. I didn’t care about them or what happen to them which is very disappointing, when I read a book I want to care about the characters but in this book I couldn’t. From page one we meet Sydney a young college girl who had some bad breaks in her short life so far, then we found out that she is in love with (wants to have sex with him, which we found out over and over again) he roommates boyfriend of a year. After that something happens to the roommate; now Sydney and Evan (the roommate’s boyfriend) can be together and somehow over like three chapters they are in love, happy (really after what happens with the roommate).  Then something bad happens again. She ends up in the hospital, Evan tells he some bad news. The end, really that’s the end of the book. I hate that kind of ending, and it’s not like I want to read any more about the characters but really have some kind of ending. I found this book unrealistic, shallow and overly based on Alcohol as well as just having bad things happen to one girl over and over. It was to all over the places to really understand the plot or if it had a plot to begin with. This book was a miss and that’s why I am giving it only one stars. I wouldn’t read it again or tell anyone to read this.  

If you want to try this book it comes out November 5th 2013 or i think you can get it now on  (link it for you)

Here is the GoodReads Page: Crashing 

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