Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I want my book blog to be something new and different then from my favorite blog/ book blogs. I have some really good ideas. Like how i rate and review books. I want to do a top 5 list with themes and stuff. I am working on what will becoming. I should have waited to start this but i was excited to start.

Whats to come in the next few weeks:

Reviews for Two Adult Novels.

A Top Five List with the theme of: Best Contemporary.

Some Cool Tags and other book stuff.

I was thinking about doing best book confession of the week.

Here is the timeline of what i am going for:

Review Monday (not every Monday) 
Tag Tuesday
Book Confession  Wednesday
Top Five Friday

NO Thursday.
I may think of something for a Saturday but i don't know yet.

I don't buy a lot of books but i go to the library every week.
    Maybe i will do hauls from the library and other places i get books from.

Sorry it's been a few but more is coming........

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