Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Series of the Month: Brothers

Series of the Month: Brothers 

This month is all about romances with Valentine’s Day, meaning hearts and flowers, so I wanted to add some hot, sexy book boyfriends, Not just the normal boyfriends, but brothers.

I will be reading and reviewing book series about brother/siblings falling in love.
The following Brother Series are my choices (One or all maybe read):
-The Crossroads Series: The Sloan Brothers

-The Until Series: The Mayson  Brothers (Posted on Jan 28th, 2014)

 -The Ross Siblings: The Ross Brothers and there one Sister

 -The Moreno Brothers

 -The Kelley Brothers

If you have a Brother Series you want me to review or love comment. I may add them to my list.
Also I need a series theme for next month, let me know what you want.


Also watch out for The Spread Indie love Blog hop post coming out on the 14th.

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