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Spread Some Indie Love Blog Hop

Spread Some Indie Love Blog Hop

As I reader I like to read indie and unpublished Authors, most of the time they are amazing reads.  Today I am here to spread the love to indie authors with many other blogs in The Spread some Indie Love Blog Hop. We are going to talk about our favorite Authors and books that are Indie, that a lot of readers may not know about or they don’t want to give a try. I have a rule, I always give a book a try because you never know who maybe the next J.K. Rowling or James Patterson. 

First is Ella James, who is a Self-Published author from Colorado. She has had many of her book listed on Amazon bestseller list. She writes teen and adult romances (I would say she is more of new-adult) books.  She is married to a man, who know how to just a red pen as well as fright with her over comma placement. She also has a two year old, who I am sure will be just as feisty as mom and dad. 

She has wrote many book, some of which I love: 

The Stained Quartet: Stained, Stolen, Chosen and Exalted:  Paranormal Romances, After Julia house burns killing her family, she goes on the hunt of the demon who did it with the sexy Cayne, who maybe more dangerous then the demon they are hunting. They aren’t sure what Fate has lied out for them but they are sure it is more anger then they want. Will both survivor what fate has up its sleeves for them.  

Here Trilogy: Here and Trapped: Sci-Fi Romances, Milo had a great life until her family came apart ,
making her a little crazy on top of her best friends start to act stranger, she starts to hang out alone, with only some deer as friends. She shoots a fawn, but she finds out that it wasn’t a fawn her dart was in, but a gorgeous guy in a Tux. He has no idea who he is, so she takes him under her wing, helping him. Things started to become stranger when the government shows up. They run, but what happens when someone knows him comes along as well?

Love Inc. Series: Selling Scarlett, Taming Cross, Unmaking Marchant: New Adult Romance 

 Selling Scarlett: Elizabeth wants hunter more than anything, but he’s the bad boy. Can Elizabeth get what she wants as well as the money she needs to save her friend with danger all around them? Hunter wants her too, but thinks she’s too good for him. Can they make it together or will others and themselves stand in the way?

Taming Cross: Cross, one of Elizabeth’s best friends is a playboy with a deep dark horrible secret that ruined lives. Can Cross overcome this secret saving both his life and the life of the one it ruined? Can love really overcome all with power and money all around? 

Unmaking Marchant:  Elizabeth’s other best friend Suri, breaks up with her long time fiances. So she runs to Elizabeth, meeting a man along the way, Marchant. Marchant the owner of a brothel, who is covered in more darkness then night itself has makes Suri write him off, but fate has other plans. Can danger bring them together, much like the others in the Love Inc. Series?

By far the Love Inc. Series is my favorite by Ella, but her other books are amazing as well. Make sure you take time to try out one or more of her books. 

For a little extra if you need more to read, check out Kristen Ashley. She is both self-published and contracted, known as a hybrid. She has over 40 books out and more in the works. As a writer as well as I reader, I know that it is an amazing not to get writers block, so when Kristen Ashely told me she never get it, I was floored.  I would say that Kristen is a rocker chick, with a love for romances and hot alpha males, who know when the have a good women that keep it. I would start with here Colorado Mountain Series, which is so good so far. 

Find Ella James at: GoodReads
Find Kristen Ashley at: GoodReads

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  1. I love the sound of the Here trilogy particularly! Yay for spreading Indie author love xx

  2. You've picked two great authors! I've read Selling Scarlet and Taming Cross, and I love KA's work!

  3. I'm definitely interested in checking out Ella James' books. Thanks for introducing her to me!