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Brother Series: The Kelly Brothers

Brother Series: The Kelly Brothers Series by Crista McHugh

The Kelly Brothers have lucked out, they are a group of hot, sexy, well off guys, with some of the best careers. Not only do we have a powerful businessman CEO (Adam), a NHL Goalie (Ben) and an Air Force Pilot (Caleb) in the first three books that are out, but we have a surgeon (Dan), Rockstar (Ethan), NFL Player (Frank) and lastly Movie Star (Gideon). That’s an impressive group of brothers. If I could get my hands on one of them I would. I love that each book is written about one of the brothers, but also has sneak peeks of the others brothers in it, I love how both Caleb and Ben called the other brother Adam for help, as well as they called the younger one as well. I love the mom, she knows what’s best even if they don’t see it at the time. Only three books are out (well two and one coming out soon) and I love this series. 

The Sweetest Seduction: Adam and Lia: Lia has worked hard to become one of the hottest restaurants in Chicago. Adam has tried to talk a famous chef to open a restaurant in Chicago for years, finally he has talked him into it. Adam only has to close out the lease of another restaurant that was coming up for renew. Adam meets Lia at his mother’s dinner party and sparks fly, but more the next day when in walks in to close the restaurant she’s worked so hard for. Can they make things work between them, when he is the one person who could kill her dream or let it fly?
Adam and Lia are two people who both work too much and have little time for anything other than work.  I like this book but it took me a chapter or two to really enjoy it. It the right mix of high tension sexy romance and troubling stress the takes Adam and Lia relationship in all kinds of directions.  Who wouldn’t love a story with two meddling mothers and a larger dog who likes to lick your face? Real believable story you could read in just a few hours.  
This is a perfect start for this series and fans of Bella Andres Series would love this series just as much. If you’re looking for a light start to what’s going to be a great series, check this out. 4 out of 5 stars.  

Breakaway Hearts: Ben and Hailey: Ben retreats to his mountain cabin after a season ending knee injury, making him really over-thinking what the future will hold for him and his NHL Career. What he did expect to do in his hiding is run into the one that got away. The girl he can’t stop thinking about for the last night years. Hailey has one goal and that’s make the Olympic team, but it been years because after an accidental pregnancy her goal what put on hold until now after the life shattering death of her son. Nothing is going to get in her way, but then Ben comes walking in sweeping her off her feet, he is going to stop at nothing to win and keep her this time. There is one thing that Ben doesn’t know and Hailey need to tell him. Will what Hailey have to tell him shatter the thin ice they are building a relationship on?
Ben and Hailey story isn’t as light as Adam and Lia, It was heartbreaking at points and funny at others. I loved this from the moment I start reading it. I found Ben very down to earth, loving, patient, caring and makes sexy time super sexy. What more could you asks for, oh Hockey player on top of that just the cherry. Hailey is very guarded and she has every right to be after what happen, but some walls are meant to come down. I loved that he kept the note and showed her, showing her that her meant something. 

“I don’t Mind waiting for you Hailey- your worth waiting for” –Ben 

The writing was great and flowed well and love a good second chance romance. The second Kelly Brother is just as amazing as the first. If you read the first one keep read with this one. 4 out of 5 stars.

Falling for the Wingman: Caleb and Alex: Caleb has one thing on his mind when he comes home from his mission, that’s to propose to the women whose letters and lucky charm helped him survive the time in Afghanistan. Coming home he finds the apartment empty with a note saying she left him. Not taking a note as a break up he drives to her mother’s house only to find the she’s getting marry to someone else in one week. Still out to win her back, in comes her younger sister to “Help him”. Alex has always found Caleb too good for her sister, so when she found out that he sister left him, Alex starts writing letters to Caleb to keep his sprites up until he gets home. Alex didn’t expect to fall in love with him over letters, but she did. Now she offers to help him win her sister back much too Alex's despair. What will happen if something that starts a fake becomes something so much more then Fake. 

I think so far this one this my favorite Kelly brother book. I love Caleb and Alex, they are both relatable, loving and caring of each other as well as others. I love how Alex isn’t a girly girl, but a tom boy who loves cars and drinking beer, a women after my own heart. Caleb finds everything about Alex great, to the point he questions what he saw in her sister. The writing and story was amazing as well as the other characters in this story. I found the little twist at the end really put the story over the top. I can’t wait to read the next Kelly Brother book. 5 out of 5 stars.

The next books in this series will be just as amazing as the first thee. Falling for the Wingman comes out March 3rd 2014. The Heart’s Game comes out July 7th 2014 so watch out for that as well. 

Crista McHugh write has written books in Fantasy, Paranormal romance, Contemporary Romance and Historical romances. Make sure you check out other books by her.

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