Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Trees

Everywhere I look from my library to my local book store or even on my Facebook News feed i see Book Christmas Trees. I love that book lovers are taking the love to the next level. I found some that are crazy cool and others that are understated but all of them are great.

My niece Hayden and I took part in this new holiday tend. we made one little book trees.we even took on tree topper and added it on top. It's not as crazy as some that i have saw book it show what book lovers we are.

Book trees have became poplar because they are Eco-friendly and less messy. You don't have to go out and cut a tree down just to put it up for a month. also the mess is just putting the books back on the self, not cleaning up pine needles and another mess the comes with a real tree. Book Trees are a fun, creative way to have holiday spirit and show your love for books.

Take the time and make a quick tree, it takes about 10 minute and a fun project for kids.

Keep on reading.

A review is coming, not sure if i have time for more Christmas reads but something great is coming. 

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