Monday, January 13, 2014

Beautiful Addictions by Season Vining

Beautiful Addictions by Season Vining
 Josie is a girl without a past and a present fill of trouble. She meets Tristan and he is from the past she can't remember. He will never let her go now that he found her again. Can love overcome everything or will it be left in ruins again?

This book wasn’t cookie cutter like a lot of the books I have read in the new adult genre. It was unpredictable from the first chapter to the very last one. I love Tristan and Josie because they are perfect people, or billionaires. They are real people with real life problems, like drugs, death and depression.  I love that this book had me crying at one point and laughing at others. 

Something that I didn’t like was that at some points that story line was a little hard to believe but I just told myself that it is a book. I also found myself getting lost with all the characters that popped up with their own issues, confusing me. Josie behaviors were a little hard for me to support, I think that it could have been toned down a little, but other than that I liked this book. 

It’s a story where two people who are broken with addiction have to overcome it to find love and heal from loss, hurt and lost love. 

I am giving this book a 3 out of 5 stars for being out of the box.

Beautiful Addiction is Season's debut novel and she hit it out of the park. 

Type: Stand Alone
Publication Date: January 28th 2014
Genre: New-Adult, Romances
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars 

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