Friday, January 3, 2014

In the Blood by Sara Hantz

In the Blood is a story of Jed, a young man dealing with the darkness of his father and the awful crimes he did. Jed struggles with his identity, what he is and who is becoming or to become. A monster like his father or a normal teenager. Is who you are In the Blood? 

Great Idea, not so great execution. I wanted to like this book, I love the idea, but that didn’t happen. The subject is so dramatic on its own that it needed to be out of the box and written well. What I got was a flat out mess with a shallow and childlike approach to the dramatic subject. Everything in this book is stereotypical of any other book or movie on this kind of subject, angst teen, lost to this world mother, hard hurtful father and a too perfect love interest. The only thing the author try to do was to write about a taboo subject in young adult novels of Pedophilia but it was lost, unwritten and not touched on in a way that makes it anymore then part of the back story. 

I like the cover, it simple and understated which is my favorite type of covers. 

I am giving it two stars because the author tried. 

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