Saturday, January 4, 2014

Never Have I Ever by Katie Heaney

Never Have I Ever by Katie Heaney is about Katie, a young women who has never dated in her 25 years of life. She takes us on a ride through her life, from her first crush to her troubles with online dating.  She also adds in her best friend’s love life making Never Have I Ever, even funnier.

I love this book, its fun, light and laugh out loud, so much so that I read it in two hours. It was so relatable that I was sure she had taking so of my own stories and added them to her book, if I can relate to this book anyone can. It was like reminiscing with your best friend about your most embarrassing and somewhat questionable dating and crushing moments.  

I also found Katie “Lighthouse” Theory to be very true. I have many friends that are lighthouses and I am like Katie a Bermuda Triangle. 

This book will be one of the best books of the year I am sure of it. If not people are really missing out.

5 out of 5 stars, for being so funny and relatable.

This book leaves you feeling like Katie is your best friend. So much so that I sent her a tweet after finishing her book. 

I love the cover it is cute and sweet. 

Katie Heaney:  Her writing has appeared in Outside Magazine and Glamour among other places. Never Have I Ever is her debut novel.

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