Friday, January 3, 2014

Elevator Heat by B.D.Rowe


 I was willing to give B.D. Rowe another try, but I was again disappointed. Elevator Heat was like a reading a slow train wreck, about two awkwardly shy people with no social skills, falling in love with out specking more than one or two words to each other. They also happen to get stuck in an elevator together. Did anything happen in the elevator, no just over the top freaking out and one kiss. The title of this book is misleading. There is no heat, not even a little warmth, just a really wired ending, that wasn’t really an ending.  

No plot or storyline, No Character growth or Building, No attraction between the characters and one character who cusses like a sailor (not cute).

I like when a writer switches points of view, but not in the middle of a paragraph. It is very confusing and I was lost some of the time reading this. 

I like the cover, but it just leads you on. Makes you think that something happens in this book, something good. 
I am giving this book a one star and will not be asking anyone to read this book. 

B.D. Rowe has also written Crashing into You, if you want to know more about it, check out my review on it. 

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